My Ancestors

My great grandfather from my mothers side was a soldier in the second world war. Before fighting for the war, he had a full time job as a dentist. His family originated from America and Ireland. They had a farm and worked in agricultural jobs. He migrated to the Philippines for a few years before meeting my great grandmother. When he was about to leave, my grandmother was giving her farewell and waving. He was so in love with her that he couldnt just leave her behind; so he stayed. A few years later, they got married and had my grandfather. But he also had children with different women. Our family tree is pretty big and I have lots and lots of cousins that even my mom has not met or knows about.

What was your house like as a child?

My house like as a child was pretty cool, we lived in my grandmothers old school. But she has now made a new school in a different area called Hankins Learning School, she is the principal and she runs the school along with the rest of my family.

My Sisters